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Universal Helmet Lightweight Winter Heating Helmet

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Electric Battery Car Helmet Grey Male Ladies Four Seasons Universal Half Helmet Light Winter Warm Full Helmet Motorcycle Helmet


Color classification: dumb black, pink, white, blue, red, gray, yellow, dumb black with transparent film, white with transparent film, red with transparent film, yellow with transparent film, pink with transparent film, blue with transparent film, gray with transparent film, piece in white with black, blue with black in the piece, in the red with black and yellow With black in the piece, in pink with black, grey with black in the piece, dumb in the black with black, white and transparent in the piece, dumb in the black with transparent slice, match in the transparent piece red, blue and transparent in the piece, in gray with a transparent, pink with transparent slice, yellow with a transparent medium
Product Type: Motorcycle Helmets
Style classification: half helmet
Material of helmet: ABS

A: Black Short Film, B: Transparent Short Film, C: Black Medium Film, D: Transparent Medium Film

Package Content: